Friday, August 27, 2010

every NIGHT when...

                                         Every night when
                                         I try to close my eyes
                                         someone takes me away
                                         in a wonderland kind of
                                         Where everyone has
                                         a different identity
                                         like I have never ever seen before
                                         People were together
                                         not for any worldly desire
                                         but they were completing each other
                                         the sun was shining there
                                         but with a strange grace
                                         winds were blowing there
                                         but with a loving rhythm
                                         birds were chirping there
                                         but with a amazing exuberance
                                         rivers were flowing there
                                         but with a hope to be lost
                                         in the ocean of love
                                         There were
                                         No grudges
                                         No grievances
                                         No jealousy 
                                         No cut throat competition
                                         All it was around
                                         was the LOVE
                                         the sacred LOVE
                                         the unconditional LOVE
                                         without any manipulated definitions
                                         without any self made limitations
                                         Every night
                                         when I try to close my eyes
                                         It does happen to me
                                         and every night
                                         I wish that
                                         the night never comes to an end
                                         because beyond this dream world
                                         everything is a delusion for me
                                         No one has even a moment
                                         to share it with me
                                         It saddens me all the time
                                         But sun has to arise
                                         I have to awake
                                         a brand new morning awaits for me
                                         with some promising hopes
                                         and momentary pleasures
                                         don't know why
                                         but I am indifferent to all
                                         and I know it has to go on
                                         perhaps its called reality
                                         but I love that tiny space of mine
                                         with no boundaries
                                         where someone awaits for me
                                         Every night when
                                         try to close my eyes..!!!
                                         Every night when...

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