Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it RAINED.....!!!


                                                               A fine day...
                                                        when I was walking down
                                                        the memory lane;
                                                        when you passed by me
                                                        and I got insane
                                                        when with all my losing hopes......
                                                         it RAINED..!!!

                                                         When you were getting
                                                          beyond my reach,
                                                          when I tried so hard
                                                          to call you back,
                                                          when you kept on vanishing
                                                          somewhere in the horizon;
                                                          when with all my faded feelings
                                                          it RAINED..!!!

                                                          When they wanted me to smile,
                                                           I did..
                                                           when they wanted me to speak,
                                                           I did..
                                                           when they wanted me to sing,
                                                           I did it too,
                                                           but with all these pretensions;
                                                           it RAINED..!!!

                                                           They say I am soaked,
                                                           but don't know why...
                                                           I am still craving for
                                                           that bunch of clouds to come.......
                                                           so that I could say again.....
                                                           it RAINED..!!!

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